The blog editing session

The 8-minute blog reviews | 9 a.m. – Noon, Tuesday, June 28

Read your assigned blog thoroughly so that you can review its mastery of the five language elements listed below. You should note every mistake and be able to cite a few; however, do not spend your eight minutes reciting every error you find. Your goal is to note general tendencies, areas of English mechanics that need a tune-up.

For example you may note that your assigned blogger tends to forget the comma after introductory phrases. Knowing this, the writer can work to make correct usage part of his/her muscle memory, a writing habit done almost automatically. Remember, the audience members who notice such glitches are the ones who will hold it against your brilliant content. The audience has countless reasons not to read us; don’t be one of those reasons by sabotaging your writing.

The elements:

1. Spelling, aka “typos”

2. Punctuation

3. Numbers: We’ll be following basic AP style, which is:

–       one through nine are words

–       10 and above are figures

–       all ages are figures

4. Capitalization and abbreviations

5. Writing glitches (word usage, weasel words, wordiness, dangling modifiers, noun/pronoun agreement, subject/verb agreement, homonyms, unnecessary passivity, etc.)

BTW, this memo contains at least two mistakes.

Editing assignmentseditors can assume that blogs represent the writer’s best work by sunset Friday

Mike edits Cecily
Cecily edits Sundra
Sundra edits Jason
Jason edits Rahel
Rahel edits Sheryl
Sheryl edits Morgan
Morgan edits Scott
Scott edits Debbie
Debbie edits Kiko
Kiko edits Michael
Michael edits Amity
Amity edits Mike

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