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Refugee lives: Teams of Northwestern students documented four days in the lives of refugees remaking their lives in three different countries – Jordan, Malawi and Namibia.

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First loves: In a storytelling experiment, Northwestern students produced this package of first loves based on the idea “that journalism on the Internet should be about connectivity. Not just hyperlinks or social networking, but connectivity in the sense that it has the unique ability to bring even perfect strangers together and show us what we have in common.”

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Victims of gang violence: Barbara Davidson of the Los Angeles Times won the 2011 Pulitzer for feature photography when she helped readers understand the impact of gang violence on innocent bystanders. Poynter’s Kenny Irby’s Q&A with Davidson about the journalistic decisions she made and the advice she has for other photographers.

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You didn’t see me waving at you? Really??: Well, maybe you didn’t. Check out this fascinating NPR story on inattentional blindness, the result of recent research that indicates, once again, we shouldn’t trust what we think we see.

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